Dil Mom Ka Diya | you will hate Neelam Muneer after watching

Date : 2018-11-02
By : Arsal
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Dil Mom Ka Diya,you will hate Neelam Muneer after watching her acting. Dil mom ka diya is a pakistani serial that is going on Ary Digital channel. Neelam Muneer is the leading actresss in the drama and performing a role of a young girl that is very careless and has no sense of others feelings that what is going on others.She is very selfish and only thinks of herself.

Other leading actors are Qavi Khan
Imran Ashraf
Nida Mumtaz
Erum Akhtar
Hassam Khan
Zulekha Majeed
Alizay Shah
Hira Maani

Imran Ashraf and Hira Maani has also performed their roles very well. The drama is now adays trending on youtube and has a good TRP.This drama is talking about the education of the family to the girls Neelam Muneer is a daughter of a Molvi but she has not got any type of good habits from Molvi and is Idish girl who does have the sense what will other feel of her behavior.

It also tells us that donot judge the behavior of other family member due to one person misbehavior because it is not mandatory that one must have such behavior that you are projecting on him/her.In this drama people judge other sisters of Neelam Muneer badly due to her habits.