Contact Lens or Glasses

Contact Lens or Glasses 

Do you wear glasses? There are some benefits and some drawbacks of contact lenses versus glasses. To help you understand the pros and cons of glasses versus contacts. To decide which one is better so here is the answer, each has its own pros and cons in visionary sense, in ease of use and in eye health.          

➢ Benefits of glasses over contact lenses:

First consider eye glasses which offer benefits over contact lens in reasons that 

• It requires easy maintenance and cleaning, one doesn’t need to touch his eyes in order to wear it, decreasing the risk of eye infections and eye related diseases.
• Glasses are cheaper than contact lens and they don't need to replace frequently.
• Eyeglasses do not cause any side effect because they never touch eyeball.
• They are easy to use. And are available everywhere.
• Children, infants and most adults can wear glasses.
• Glasses can adjust the incoming light to your eyes for optimum comfort and vision.
➢ Benefits of contact lenses:

Where eye glasses have benefits over contact lenses there contact lens has also more advantages over eye glasses.

• It doesn’t obstruct your peripheral vision as it is sits directly on your eye.
• You can play your outdoor activities and sports without any problem, like breaking of glasses or eye glasses getting in the way.
• You can even change the color of your contact lenses whichever you like to wear.
• It won't clash with what you are wearing and carrying.
• It won't fog up in cold weather or fog like glasses.
• It provides a wider field of view, as it conforms to the curvature of your eye causing less vision distortions.
• No UV  protection
• don’t fog up in cold whether

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