FAQS and their answers about coronavirus

Coronavirus is new pandemic around the world now a days. Here are some FAQS about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Nature:

Coronaviruses have a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome with a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. They are enveloped viruses.

(1) Is a coronavirus contagious:

Yes! a coronavirus is highly contagious. Contagious means the ability of a virus to spread within a population. This virus has the tendency to spread via person to person through contact, by simply touching the person infected or shaking his hand will make you infected. This virus can also spread through making contact with an infected object or on rare occasions making contact with infected feaces and then by touching your nose, eyes or mouth.

(2) Coronavirus occurrence:

This virus can be found everywhere in the world and can cause infections in both animals and humans. There are many types of coronavirus which can cause infections in humans and result in some serious illnesses. The most common illness they cause is mild to moderate upper respiratory disorders.

(3) How to kill or eliminate a coronavirus:

Disinfectants commonly used in household immediately kill a coronavirus. Within 48 hours room temperature can kill a coronavirus. Carpeting provides a safe heaven to the virus and it can live or survive for about 7 weeks in carpets.

(4) Precautions for Coronavirus:

The CDC has set standards and protocols for inorder to avoid coronavirus infections. The CDC's recommendations are consistent with those recommended for the coronavirus that caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). 

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