Manicure and Pedicure, at Home

Manicure and Pedicure, at Home

Hands and feet hygiene is one of the basic things, for a healthy lifestyle.

Tools, that are required by both manicure and pedicure include:

• Bowl of warm water
• Nail cutter
• Nail filer
• Foot filer
• Nail Polish remover
• Massage lotion
• Hand towel
• Transparent nail polish
• Cotton pads
• Finger brush


The best way to see the results of manicure is to properly follow the steps.

It is a beauty treatment which is specially designated for fingers and hands.

Steps to follow:

1) Wash your hands properly

2) Remove the old nail Polish, if any.

Use a good quality nail polish remover for this and use cotton swabs for this removal.

3) Cut and file your nails with a nail cutter and nail filer.

4) Buff your nails but extreme buffing can cause your nail to be brittle and weak.

5) Get a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of shampoo. Soak your hands for a few minutes in the bowl and after massaging it with to soften the cuticles and push them back.

6) Apply a base coat

7) Apply two thin coat colors.

8) Apply Top coat

9) Clean up if there are any color smudges


Do you have tired feet?

Pedicure will relieve it at the same time will make it more beautiful and healthy.

Steps to follow:

1) Fill a small bathing tub with warm water; add few drops of lemon juice,vinegar and shampoo.

2) Soak your feet in water for 15 minutes

3) Remove the existing nail polish, if any

4) File your heels

5) Clean your feet with towel and push cuticles.

6) Gently remove the dirt from each nail.

7) Massage for 5 minutes

8) Apply coat of any nail polish, let it dry. Apply the coat again and apply the transparent top coat after the 2nd coat is dry.

9) Apply a moisturizer

10) Here we go

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