Self medication


Most of us have heard this in our houses,

Boy:Ami I am having severe headache .

Ami:Go and take the medicine from the drawer.


Girl:Ami I am having trouble having my food digested from 2 days.

Ami: Oo dear, take that yellow tablets from the drawer and you would be fine till night.


The mother is always the one who knows each and every things even she knows the  medication for almost all of the common ailments.


This process in which an individual self-administers a treatment for any sort of disease or problem without doctor’s advice is called self medication.

Sometimes people become so over confident that they start taking antibiotics without doctor’s  advice, which is really very dangerous for them.


There are a myriad of reasons people are inclined to self medicate and there are many reasons for self medication, some are discussed below;


•when the person cannot afford a doctor.

• when a person have  distrust on doctor.

•when the person cannot find a doctor at the time of need.

•when the person is Self confident.

•when the person is experimenting to see the effect of medicine. 

•when the person is feeling hopeless  from doctors.

•when the person has a feeling of control on himself. 



Self-medication can be both helpful and harmful, some of the helpful effects are discussed below;

· If  the medicines are taken correctly, with adequate and accurate information and for the specific condition or health concerns, it can be beneficial.

· Person practicing Self medication takes full control and responsibility for the condition, then it’s fine with them.

·  Self medication is beneficial because it reduces the healthcare costs.

·  Self medication is helpful if taken to save days due to insignificant illnesses.

·  Self medication increases  productivity.

·  A number of supplements have been shown to be helpful in several conditions, so it is conceivable that this could reduce expensive medication usage


Self medication could possibly be harmful for us  because of inaccurate or incomplete information about the condition, it can even be  fatal.

During self medication, if the medicines are used to help with chronic ailments for considerable lengths of time or out of necessity, they can cause secondary health problems,  which may be  lethal in some cases. 

It’s a fact that doctors gives half of their lives to study diseases, their ailments, they study on how our body will response to certain medication, they study pharmacology and know the adverse reaction of different drugs.  or medicines used for a specific condition etc, and you as a lay man becomes so much overconfident that you think you can simply take their place and can prescribe medicines, to be honest it’s not a right choice.  

Only the doctors have the wisdom to be able to share the knowledge with their degrees and look at the entire picture.

Besides self medication, some people go to the pharmacist to prescribe the medicines for a specific condition, this is also very dangerous because the pharmacist doesn’t know about your health condition and he is nobody to prescribe you medications. 

You simply need a doctor to diagnose your problem because your life is not as simple as  what you think it is. 

For example. Stomach pain? It could be anxiety. Anxiety? It could be hyperthyroidism or pheochromocytoma.

Once the diagnosis has been made, your doctor can suggest the best medications for your condition, making sure that those suggestions won’t conflict with any other medications that you may already be taking. 

Some medications need to be followed with periodic blood testing to make sure the level hasn’t become too high or too low. Too high could be life-threatening. Too low would explain why a medication isn’t working. People react differently to the same medications. If one doesn’t work for you, another might work well.

Only doctors have this knowledge , you are not that  knowledgeable about side effects and drug interactions to check in with, nobody who can even diagnose your own condition, than how will you be able to decide what medicines to prescribe for yourself?

We come across many people taking the medicines of their choice  which results in lots  of trouble and complications, and the reason which can be attributed to this is self-medication.

According to  WHO, “self medication when done correctly is self-care, but beyond that it is self-harm.”

Life is precious so stop playing with it, do not put life at risk, consult  a doctor for any sort of health issues and be safe.




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