Would evolution bring the dinosaurs back to life?

Would evolution bring the dinosaurs back to life? 

Did you watch the blockbuster movie, named "Jurassic park"? And ever think of it, as this could be happening or not?

Would these creatures be wandering once again, on earth?

The real life scientists are still about. The question that would evolution brings back the dinosaurs and tyrannosaurs.

Susie maidment , a vertebrate paleontologist said about this that, a DNA-filled mosquito preserved in the amber for millions of years as shown in the movie, Jurassic park, could ever help the dinosaurs to be recreated" she added that "we do have mosquitoes and biting flies from the time of dinosaurs , and they can also b preserved in amber, but when the amber is to preserve the things, it preserve the husk not any of the soft tissues so you do not get any blood preserved in the amber inside the mosquitoes"

Is cloning of dinosaurs possible?

Blood vessels and collagen have been found from the fossils of dinosaurs, but they do not have any actual DNA inside them. The oldest DNA found, in the fossil record is around one million years ago and dinosaurs had died round of 66 million years ago.

Maidment also added to the statement that

Maidment said that, Dinosaurs are still with us ,they were never dead in the first place, she said that Birds evolved from meat-eating dinosaurs, so if we can get a strict definition, that everything evolving from a common ancestor, is a dinosaur, only the non-avian dinosaurs got extinct but the birds are a form of them still living, so new evolving species of birds are actually the new forms of dinosaurs.


Mr. Jamal Nasir, a geneticist at the university of united kingdom, added that "Evolution is not fixed or planned so anything could emerge out from anywhere, he said that going back to dinosaurs is likely to happen again, as the building blocks are there”

Some other scientists, are trying to reverse out the engineer chicken to dinosaur, would be named as chicknosaurus, but this would be more of, a modified chicken rather than a dinosaur.

Jack Horner, a research associate at Burke museum that "everything has changed drastically with time in 66 million years, and if dinosaur is back ever, so the world would be a new world.

Maidment concluded her statement as,

“An animal extinct once is if brought back to life, is not going to recognize anything in this world now , so it is best to let them  sleeping ".

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